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Dyed Diesel now available at our Scotts Valley, CA Pacific Pride site

At our Scotts Valley, CA Pacific Pride fueling site on Janis Way (off El Pueblo from Scotts Valley Dr) we are now offering dyed diesel for sale through the cardlock.  Our site is the only location in Santa Cruz County that will have dyed diesel for sale 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year. 

Dyed or red diesel is available for off-road, agricultural, or state/local government use and will save the purchaser over 40 cents on diesel road taxes. 

To obtain access to the dyed diesel, please contact our cardlock administrator at (831) 636-5100 ext 111.  Click the link below for a flyer with additional info.

Dyed Diesel Scotts Valley

Propane tanks & equipment for sale; Fair and competitively priced

Dassel’s Petroleum Inc Spring Equipment Sale Click the bold link at the beginning of this paragrah for the DASSEL’S PETROLEUM, INC® itemized listing of propane tanks, fittings and related equipment for sale. (Will open PDF.)  We have excellent deals on the necessary energy equipment required to run your business.  Give us a call about any of the items on the list today! (831) 636-5100.


DASSEL’S® Buys and Sells Bulk Propane Storage Tanks

(Click the blue link above to go directly into post) DASSEL’S® PETROLEUM, INC. buys and sells bulk propane storage tanks. Continue reading ‘DASSEL’S® Buys and Sells Bulk Propane Storage Tanks’

Propane facts, propane is a clean fuel!

Read below for some interesting facts about propane:

  • Propane blends with isopropane to fuel a refrigerator that works on gas absorption. The mixture has a greatly reduced ozone depletion effect and successfully replaces chlorofluorocarbon and hydrofluorocarbon refrigerants. This ability makes it a great replacement as an alternative fuel in refrigerators and air conditioners.In respect to auto ignition temperature LPG, CNG, and LNG are much safer than gasoline or diesel because the auto ignition temperature is much higher.
  • Propane is an approved, alternative clean fuel listed in the 1990 Clean Air Act as well as the National Energy Policy Act of 1992.
  • Propane is a hydrocarbon and is sometimes referred to as liquefied petroleum gas, LP-gas or LPG. Propane is produced from both natural gas processing and crude oil refining.
  • More than 14 million families use propane to fuel their furnaces, water heaters, air conditioners, outdoor grills, fire places, dryers, and ranges.
  • Propane is used on 865,000 U.S. farms for irrigation pumps, grain dryers, standby generators, and other farm equipment. It is an essential fuel for crop drying, flame cultivation, fruit ripening, space and water heating, and food refrigeration.
  • Propane is easy to transport and can be used in areas beyond the natural gas mains. Because it is 270 times more compact as a liquid than as a gas, it is economical to store and transport as a liquid.
  • Millions choose this clean-burning fuel for bus, taxi, delivery, and other fleets to minimize air pollution in metropolitan areas.
  • Propane is one of the cleanest burning of all fossil fuels.
  • Because propane is virtually odorless and colorless in its natural state, a commercial odorant is added so propane can be detected if it leaks from its container.
  • If liquid propane leaks, it doesn’t puddle but instead vaporizes and dissipates into the air.
  • Neither the process by which propane is produced nor the combustion of propane gas produces significant acid rain contaminants.
  • By using propane gas instead of electricity, consumers can cut emissions and help preserve the environment.

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Propane tanks and equipment, rolling stock for sale


Dassel’s has a quarterly sale of all of various rolling stock, cardlock equipment, gas and diesel pumps, propane tanks and various pieces of propane and gasoline and diesel equipment. Click on the bold blue link above  and then click on the white document to open the list as PDF.  We had tried to price these items in the best possible way, however we are open to counter offers.  If you have a specific need, please let us know, we might have something else available that works for you.  Most of the tanks and equipment is located at our Hollister, CA yard and can be loaded onto your truck or can be shipped plus freight.  Please call Jim or Rocco at (831) 636-5100 for additional information or with specific questions.

Electronic billing now available from Dassel’s

Dassel’s Petroleum would like to let you know that we now offer electronic billing.  It is a fast and efficient way to receive your invoices & statements on the same day they are processed.  If you wish to receive your Pacific Pride invoices and statements via email from Dassel’s, please send an email with the following information to 

 Dassel’s Account Number (on your statement):        

 e-mail Address to receive billing:                             

 Account Payable Contact:                                           

AP Phone Number (during working hours):        

Once we receive this information, we will update your account immediately.  We ask that you save the following two e-mail addresses in your account’s Address/Contacts book to help prevent the Dassel’s invoicing from going to your junk mail or spam folders: and

 Thank you for your business and best wishes for a Happy New Year!

Propane Service in Big Sur, CA

“We want to make sure that our customers in Big Sur felt that they made the right choice in choosing Dassel’s Petroleum as their propane supplier.” said Jim Dassel, President of Dassel’s Petroleum.  Dassel’s was pleased to hear the Cal Trans update that the Highway 1 at Rocky Creek in Big Sur is open to one-way directed traffic on Wednesday, April 20, 2011.  Dassel’s used a number of strategies to deliver fuel to our Big Sur customers in the face of the April 2011 Highway 1 road closure.  

Delivering propane to customers who were isolated by the closure is very important to Dassel’s.  He added, “We employed a number of methods of reaching out to these customers to let them know we were doing all that was humanly possible to fulfill their propane needs.” 

Dassel’s is currently keeping in close touch with Cal Trans updates on the status of the  Highway 1 road repair in order to organize the most efficient fuel delivery possible.  “We have been successful in keeping our Big Sur accounts supplied with propane due to the great interpersonal relationships our dispatchers have with our propane customers.”  Dassel noted, “We are proud of our employees’ ability to offer organized and efficient service.”

We at Dassel’s thank all of our customers for their business; we appreciate the opportunity to serve you! 

Dassel’s Propane Transport Truck Door Recycled!

Truck doors for the changing rooms at Truckers DeluxeDassel's Kenworth Door at Trucker's Deluxe in Chico, CA

We received a picture text from a good friend of a Dassel’s Kenworth propane transport truck door that had been re-purposed to be used as a dressing room door at the TruckerDeluxe men’s clothing store in Chico, CA.    This was really fun for us to find, we think TruckerDeluxe has an awesome sense of style and brilliant use of creativity & sustainability.  If you are ever in the Chico area, check them out, we sure will!

Accepting 3rd Party Fueling Cards at Dassel’s Pacific Pride Stations

Dassel’s Petroleum Pacific Pride sites in Hollister, Scotts Valley, Hanford and Lemoore, CA  accept the following fueling cards to access our pumps:  Comdata, FleetOne, T-Chek, TCH (Transportation Clearing House), Voyager and Wright Express.

All of Dassel’s Pacific Pride sites are clean, well-lit for safety, have air & water and window washing supplies, have stocked oil machines, and are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

These 3rd party cards will function normally to access our fuel pumps at our four Pacific Pride sites.  Located at:

  • 31 Wright Rd in Hollister, CA  95023, off of Hwy 25
  • 50 Janis Way in Scotts Valley, CA  95066, Take Scotts Valley Drive to El Pueblo Rd, veer left onto Janis Way
  • 9535 East Third St in Hanford CA  93230, Located off Hwy 198
  • 1735 West D St in Lemoore, CA  93245, Located off Hwy 41 (access via West Bush St)

If you or your business is interested in Pacific Pride cards and how they can help you manage and control your fuel costs, please contact us today!  On the Central Coast, contact  Jennifer at (831) 636-5100 ext 111 or  via e-mail at  In the Central Valley, contact Joni at (559) 907-4194 or via email at



Bulk propane storage tanks for sale

Dassel’s has a large selection of bulk propane storage tanks available, conveinently located in Central California:

  • 1 – 60,000 gallon
  • 4 – 30,000 gallon
  • 3 – 18,000 gallon
  • 1 -10,000 gallon
  • 1 – 6,000 gallon

Of course, installation and propane delivery service is available from Dassel’s.   For additional information, or to purchase, contact James at (831) 636-5100 ext 129 or by email at