Commercial Propane

Dassel's Propane Delivery Areas


Green Leaf Weed Control For Organic and Conventional Vegetable Row Crops

  • Flaming with clean burning L.P. Gas
  • Pre emergence and post emergence weed control
  • Reduce use of chemical herbicides
  • Flaming components easily adapted to your equipment
  • Flaming is endorsed by the U.C. Cooperative Extension
  • Trap wagons
  • Propane nurse tanks available
  • Full service propane delivery
  • Technical service provided with initial set up

Industrial Services

Industrial customers of all sizes, from multi location corporations to smaller localized businesses, can take advantage of our service commitment, quality products and competitive pricing. Customers of all types already depend on us for the delivery of heating oil, propane, power fuels and other related products and services.

  1. Tanks, rental or purchased
  2. Industrial Motor Fuel
  3. Propane, gas, diesel pumps, hoses and related equipment
  4. Portable Construction Tank Wagons
  5. Complete Propane Refueling Systems
  6. Industrial Burners
  7. Portable Hand Torches
  8. Island Services Available
  9. Personalized Employee Safety Training
  10. All Types of Propane Burner Service