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Propane tanks & equipment for sale; Fair and competitively priced

Dassel’s Petroleum Inc Spring Equipment Sale Click the bold link at the beginning of this paragrah for the DASSEL’S PETROLEUM, INC® itemized listing of propane tanks, fittings and related equipment for sale. (Will open PDF.)  We have excellent deals on the necessary energy equipment required to run your business.  Give us a call about any of the items on the list today! (831) 636-5100.


Propane tanks and equipment, rolling stock for sale


Dassel’s has a quarterly sale of all of various rolling stock, cardlock equipment, gas and diesel pumps, propane tanks and various pieces of propane and gasoline and diesel equipment. Click on the bold blue link above  and then click on the white document to open the list as PDF.  We had tried to price these items in the best possible way, however we are open to counter offers.  If you have a specific need, please let us know, we might have something else available that works for you.  Most of the tanks and equipment is located at our Hollister, CA yard and can be loaded onto your truck or can be shipped plus freight.  Please call Jim or Rocco at (831) 636-5100 for additional information or with specific questions.

Electronic billing now available from Dassel’s

Dassel’s Petroleum would like to let you know that we now offer electronic billing.  It is a fast and efficient way to receive your invoices & statements on the same day they are processed.  If you wish to receive your Pacific Pride invoices and statements via email from Dassel’s, please send an email with the following information to info@dassels.com: 

 Dassel’s Account Number (on your statement):        

 e-mail Address to receive billing:                             

 Account Payable Contact:                                           

AP Phone Number (during working hours):        

Once we receive this information, we will update your account immediately.  We ask that you save the following two e-mail addresses in your account’s Address/Contacts book to help prevent the Dassel’s invoicing from going to your junk mail or spam folders: pds@dassels.com and pds@daspds.dassels.com

 Thank you for your business and best wishes for a Happy New Year!

Dassel’s Propane Transport Truck Door Recycled!

Truck doors for the changing rooms at Truckers DeluxeDassel's Kenworth Door at Trucker's Deluxe in Chico, CA

We received a picture text from a good friend of a Dassel’s Kenworth propane transport truck door that had been re-purposed to be used as a dressing room door at the TruckerDeluxe men’s clothing store in Chico, CA.    This was really fun for us to find, we think TruckerDeluxe has an awesome sense of style and brilliant use of creativity & sustainability.  If you are ever in the Chico area, check them out, we sure will!

Propane Cylinders filled at Dassel’s

Dassel’s Petroleum is open to the public from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday – Friday to fill propane cylinders at our Hollister and Hanford plants.  Cylinder repair and maintenance is also available.  Fair, competitive prices on propane, don’t be misled by other cylinder exchange programs!  Visit us in Hollister at 31 Wright Road or in Hanford at 9535 E. Third Street.  Cash, Debit and Credit Cards accepted in Hollister.  Cash only in Hanford.  The Hanford propane island is closed from 12pm to 1pm daily for lunch.